Steal Her Style- Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande is a 23-year old singer and actress who is well on her way to stardom. At such a young age, she has managed to accomplish so much and has a very huge following. Her fans are crazily obsessed with whatever she does, especially with what she wears, does her makeup and styles her hair. She is without a doubt one of those celebs whose style is loved and copied by millions. Since everyone is so interested in her style, we decided to put together this simple and easy style guide that will help anyone achieve her trendy and feminine style:

Her Outfits

Ariana’s style is feminine with a touch of vintage to it. She likes wearing sexy and feminine pieces that go super well with her delicate features. When you see her on casual days, she will be wearing what every girls like to wear; a super cute casual t-shirt with jeans, shorts or a pair of knee high boots.



This celebrity loves her crop tops and wears them on a regular basis. She finds them very cute, sexy and fun to play around with. From her looks at red carpets to street style; we all know very well that Ariana is all about her crop tops. She understands her body shape and type, which is why she only wears items that flatter her body. Another thing this celeb loves: super short and flirty skirts and dresses. She wears them while performing on stage, while roaming the streets or sometimes even on the red carpet.


We have also noticed that she totally feels confident and bold when wearing pants. She likes to pair well-tailored pants with crop tops and finish off the look with heels and her signature hairstyle. One thing you can easily catch on to from glancing at her red carpet looks is that Ariana loves wearing elegant and stunning full-length gowns with a feminine flair to them.




Her Hair

Arianna only wears two hairstyles; one is her signature half up-half down look while the other one is a high ponytail with a strand of hair wrapped around her ponytail.



Her Makeup

Her makeup look is pretty much the same every time; a winged eye liner matched with a light eye shadow. As for her overall look, she keeps it quite natural with no heavy contouring or a bold lip.




And that is how you can achieve Ariana Grande’s style!