Fashion Influencers Favorite 2017 Fashion Trends

A new year brings forward many different fashion trends. In today’s industry, fashion influencers have a lot of power and say in which trend becomes popular and which one is left in the dust. Want to find out which trends fashion influencers are loving for 2017? Keep on reading to find that out:

Skinny Jeans

Fashion influencers seem to be really loving tight and figure-hugging jeans that perfectly show off the curves of your body. To get the best of this awesome trend, pair your favorite skinny jeans with a lace-up body suit and finish off the look with over-the-knee boots!



Sexy Lace Up Style

This trend has literally been seen on every fashion influencer out there! From celebs like Gigi Hadid to bloggers like Chiara Ferragni; this trend is everywhere. This style got popular near the end of 2016 and it seems that it’s going to stay all throughout 2017. Lace up bodysuits, dresses, rompers and tops; you can try this trend in every way possible.



Statement Earrings

2017 is the year for you to wear the most dramatic pair of earrings in your jewelry collection. You can even go ahead and make them the focal point of your whole outfit!



Lace Up Heels

Want to make your outfit stand out? Add a pair of lace-up heels and it’ll look absolutely perfect. There are so many shoe styles that feature the lace-up detailing, such as peep-toe heels with lace up straps or a sexy pair with criss-cross straps; go for whatever suits your personality.



Backless Styles

If you want to make your front the center of attention, then lace-up style is the way to do it. But, don’t just stick to that one style. Switch things up by going for something backless! This is one of the biggest trends this year and fashion influencers are totally in love with it. It’s sexy, trendy and a great way to add some spice into your outfits.



Sailor Stripes

Love wearing stripes? 2017 is the year for you! Fashion influencers seem to be super excited about this trend, which is why you will see them wearing it more than once a week. Try out this trend in whatever way you prefer; from sporting a pair of striped high-waisted pants or going for a simple striped top!



Which one of these fashion trends is going to become your favorite? If you ask us, we think all of them are worth being a favorite! asian teen fucks in park.