A Short Girls Fashion Guide


If you are a short girl, then you probably understand the struggles of not being able to rock the same trends as tall girls can. Short girls all over the world have trouble putting together an outfit because they feel that there are a lot of things that don’t look good on their body or makes them look shorter. To make your life easier, we put together a simple and easy fashion guide for short girls. Let’s have a look:

Mini Skirts

Miniskirts look best on short girls! They fit them just right, look super cute and adorable, plus they are always trending. Who doesn’t love the look of wearing miniskirts with knee high boots? Also, crop tops and miniskirts make the cutest outfits! If you are short, then rock those miniskirts with pride because you are among the few who can wear them perfectly.



The Shift Dress

Out of all the body sizes and types, shift dresses look the best on shirt girls. There is just something about a petite figure that matches perfectly with a shift dress. And you know what the best part is? Add a belt around your waist and change up the look of your entire dress!




Rompers look good on everyone, no matter what size you are! Rompers are really trending these days and are even getting more popular than short dresses. We all find them so much more comfortable and easy to move around in.




Heels should be your best friend! From stilettos to platforms and wedges; go for all of them! They instantly make your legs look longer, plus they look totally bomb.



The High-Waist Trend

Anything high-waisted leads to the appearance of longer legs. Go for high-waisted shorts, skirts and jeans and pair them with crop tops to achieve the perfect look for your body.



Deep V-Neck Sweater Dress

This trend is so cute and boho; we absolutely love it! Tall girls have to wear these dresses with shorts because most of the time they are too short and there are chances of a wardrobe malfunction happening. However, the length of these dresses is perfect for short girls so they can easily rock them with knee high boots or even ankle booties.



Shorter Hemlines

Since you have a short body, you should stick with clothing items that have a shorter hemline. For example, wearing a blouse that covers half of your thighs will only make you look smaller, so avoid them.



And that is our short girls fashion guide complete!